Featured Artists

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  1. Joe Barret

    Joe Barret

    Singer songwriter, also known as George Hamilton V's Tele-slinging sidekick, "Big Joe" BarretContinue reading

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  2. Michelle Taylor

    Michelle Taylor

    Michelle Taylor is a solo artist and session player with a difference! Continue reading

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  3. Wei Wei

    Wei Wei

    One of the finest blues guitarist from China!Continue reading

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  4. Matt Schofield

    Matt Schofield

    The finest Blues guitarist to have emerged in Europe for several generations. Continue reading

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  5. Bi He Chen

    Bi He Chen

    One of the finest guitarist and producer from China!Continue reading

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  6. Peer Gynt

    Peer Gynt

    Peer Gynt shows that Norway has more to offer than the Olympic Games! -Blues Review.Continue reading

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  7. Daniel Lape

    Daniel Lape

    Daniel Lape is a gifted guitarist, music director, songwriter, and composer based in Los Angeles. Continue reading

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  8. Laur Joamets

    Laur Joamets

    The finest guitarist to come from Estonia, now based in Nashville. Continue reading

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  9. Ben Granfelt

    Ben Granfelt

    Finnish guitarist, singer and a song writer Continue reading

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  10. Nile Rodgers

    Nile Rodgers

    American producer, songwriter, composer, arranger and guitarist. Continue reading

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  11. Dan Teisan

    Dan Teisan

    Dan Teisan is Seattle based rock guitarist. Continue reading

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  12. Jordan John

    Jordan John

    Jordan John is a Canadian lead vocalist and multi-instrumentalist. Continue reading

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  13. Bart Walker

    Bart Walker

    Nashville guitarist Bart Walker. Continue reading

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  14. Michael J Felder

    Michael J Felder

    San Diego guitarist Michael J Felder. Continue reading

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  15. Jeff McErlain

    Jeff McErlain

    Brooklyn guitarist Jeff McErlain. Continue reading

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  16. Lacy Rostyak

    Lacy Rostyak

    Lacy Rostyak is a violinist based out of Los Angeles. Continue reading

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  17. André Christovam

    André Christovam

    Brazil’s main blues artist. Continue reading

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  18. Marzi Nyman

    Marzi Nyman

    Finnish guitarist extraordinaire Continue reading

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  19. Tuomas Metsberg

    Tuomas Metsberg

    Finnish guitar player and a band leader in a band Luxury Liner. Continue reading

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  20. Pyry Peltonen

    Pyry Peltonen

    Finnish guitar player and a composer in a band The Holy. Continue reading

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  21. Eetu Henrik Iivari

    Eetu Henrik Iivari

    Finnish guitar player, singer and a composer in a band The Holy. Continue reading

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  22. Jarmo Nikku

    Jarmo Nikku

    Finnish guitarist and a song writer Continue reading

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  23. Tuomas Wäinölä

    Tuomas Wäinölä

    Finnish guitarist Continue reading

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  24. Anssi Kela

    Anssi Kela

    Finnish guitarist, singer and a song writer Continue reading

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  25. Petteri Sariola

    Petteri Sariola

    Finnish guitarist, singer and a song writer Continue reading

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  26. Fast Eddie Clarke (RIP)

    Fast Eddie Clarke (RIP)

    Eddie is a legendary guitar player.. Continue reading 

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  27. Sam Hunter

    Sam Hunter

    Sam Hunter is a rising star in studio music.. Continue  reading

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  28. Jussi Reijonen

    Jussi Reijonen

    Fretted/fretless guitarist and oudist from northern Finland.. Continue reading

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  29. George Jones

    George Jones

    George Jones is a guitarist in the Son of MAN band.. Continue reading

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  30. Jan Trygg

    Jan Trygg

    Guitar player in the doom sludge band Morbid Evils.. Continue reading

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  31. Andy Reiss

    Andy Reiss

    An active member of the Nashville community for more than 35 years.. Continue reading

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  32. Tatiana Pará

    Tatiana Pará

    Brazilian guitarist, she’s known by six-string lovers in Brazil and over the world.. Continue reading

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  33. Alan Nimmo

    Alan Nimmo

    Alan is the frontman and lead guitarist for King King.. Continue reading

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  34. Jack J Hutchinson

    Jack J Hutchinson

    Jack J Hutchinson is a London based guitarist and singer-songwriter.. Continue reading

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  35. Erja Lyytinen

    Erja Lyytinen

    Erja Lyytinen is a blues guitarist and singer-songwriter from Finland.. Continue reading

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  36. Jonas Gerigk/Denmantau

    Jonas Gerigk/Denmantau

    Jonas Gerigk is guitarist and a member of Denmantau.. Continue reading

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  37. Alex McKown

    Alex McKown

    Alex McKown is a blues/rock guitarist from United Kingdom.. Continue reading

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  38. Max Moran

    Max Moran

    Max Moran is a well-known musician and jazz bassist. Continue reading

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  39. Dean Parks

    Dean Parks

    Dean Parks is a one of the top session players in L.A.. Continue reading

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  40. The Milestones

    The Milestones

    The Milestones is a high energy rock band with a rootsy twist from Finland.. Continue reading

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  41. Charlie Wooton

    Charlie Wooton

    Charlie Wooton - bassist, producer and songwriter originally from Louisiana.. Continue reading

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  42. Stratovarius


    Stratovarius is a Finnish power metal band that formed in 1984.. Continue reading

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  43. Ed Ringwald

    Ed Ringwald

    Ed Ringwald is a master of the pedal steel guitar, also known as Pee Wee Charles.. Continue reading

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  44. MONO


    The Tokyo, Japan-based 4-piece Instrumental Rock band MONO, originally formed in 1999.. Continue reading

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  45. Wojtek Burek

    Wojtek Burek

    Guitarist in the Spanish Pop-Punk band - Daylight.. Continue reading

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  46. Jaden Carlson

    Jaden Carlson

    Jaden Carlson is a great guitar player, who blows minds. Continue reading

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  47. Raul Artana

    Raul Artana

    Raul Artana guitarist and singer of Puk 2 and David Fan2 from a very popular pop-punk band from Spain. Continue reading

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  48. Matt Sorum

    Matt Sorum

    Legendary drummer, songwriter and producer best-known as.. Continue reading

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  49. Jon Diamond

    Jon Diamond

    Jon Diamond is a guitarist, songwriter, and producer from New York City. Continue reading

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  50. Devon Allman

    Devon Allman

    Devon Allman is an extraordinary vocalist, guitarist, and songwriter. He is also the bandleader and founder of Devon Allman’s Honeytribe. Continue reading

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  51. Mike Zito

    Mike Zito

    Mike Zito - a guitarist, singer, producer, and songwriter. Also, known as a co-founding player of Royal Southern Brotherhood.  Continue reading

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  52. Michael Vance

    Michael Vance

    Michael Vance is a guitarist/ vocalist/ songwriter born and raised in Nashville TN. Continue Reading  

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  53. Jake Morelli

    Jake Morelli

    Guitarist, producer and a third-generation professional musician. Continue Reading

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  54. Laurence Jones

    Laurence Jones

    An English blues-rock guitarist, singer, and songwriter. Continue reading

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  55. Children Of Bodom

    Children Of Bodom

    A melodic death metal band from Finland. Continue reading

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  56. Will Johns

    Will Johns

    Will Johns is an English blues-rock singer and guitarist.. Continue reading

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  57. Laurie Sherman

    Laurie Sherman

    Laurie Sherman is a lead Guitar player in.. Continue reading

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  58. Eric “Roscoe” Ambel

    Eric “Roscoe” Ambel

    The veteran singer, guitarist, songwriter and producer. Continue reading

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  59. Pete Anderson

    Pete Anderson

    Pete Anderson is Multi-platinum, Grammy Award-winning producer and guitarist.. Continue reading

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  60. Nick Curran

    Nick Curran

    Nick was outstanding guitar player and personality.. Continue reading

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