1. Al DiMeola

    Al DiMeola

    American guitar virtuoso of the highest level!Continue reading

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  2. Matt Schofield

    Matt Schofield

    The finest Blues guitarist to have emerged in Europe for several generations. Continue reading

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  3. Nile Rodgers

    Nile Rodgers

    American producer, songwriter, composer, arranger and guitarist. Continue reading

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  4. Duke Levine

    Duke Levine

    The most stylish guitar player and master of tone. Continue reading 

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  5. Andy Reiss

    Andy Reiss

    An active member of the Nashville community for more than 35 years.. Continue reading

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  6. Jia Yi Nan

    Jia Yi Nan

    Mr. Jia Yi Nan is a well known music producer, songwriter, guitarist in China.Continue reading

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  7. Supreme pedals back in stock!

    Supreme pedals back in stock!

    Supreme pedals back in stock!

    Matt Schofield signature pedal, Supreme, is back in stock 28.9.2023. Check out our product page for more info and demos of this super versatile tone machine!

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  8. Joe Barret

    Joe Barret

    Singer songwriter, also known as George Hamilton V's Tele-slinging sidekick, "Big Joe" BarretContinue reading

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  9. Michelle Taylor

    Michelle Taylor

    Michelle Taylor is a solo artist and session player with a difference! Continue reading

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  10. Wei Wei

    Wei Wei

    One of the finest blues guitarist from China!Continue reading

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  11. Bi He Chen

    Bi He Chen

    One of the finest guitarist and producer from China!Continue reading

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  12. Peer Gynt

    Peer Gynt

    Peer Gynt shows that Norway has more to offer than the Olympic Games! -Blues Review.Continue reading

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  13. Daniel Lape

    Daniel Lape

    Daniel Lape is a gifted guitarist, music director, songwriter, and composer based in Los Angeles. Continue reading

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  14. Laur Joamets

    Laur Joamets

    The finest guitarist to come from Estonia, now based in Nashville. Continue reading

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  15. Ben Granfelt

    Ben Granfelt

    Finnish guitarist, singer and a song writer Continue reading

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  16. Dan Teisan

    Dan Teisan

    Dan Teisan is Seattle based rock guitarist. Continue reading

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  17. Jordan John

    Jordan John

    Jordan John is a Canadian lead vocalist and multi-instrumentalist. Continue reading

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  18. Bart Walker

    Bart Walker

    Nashville guitarist Bart Walker. Continue reading

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  19. Michael J Felder

    Michael J Felder

    San Diego guitarist Michael J Felder. Continue reading

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  20. Jeff McErlain

    Jeff McErlain

    Brooklyn guitarist Jeff McErlain. Continue reading

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  21. Lacy Rostyak

    Lacy Rostyak

    Lacy Rostyak is a violinist based out of Los Angeles. Continue reading

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  22. André Christovam

    André Christovam

    Brazil’s main blues artist. Continue reading

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  23. Marzi Nyman

    Marzi Nyman

    Finnish guitarist extraordinaire Continue reading

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  24. Tuomas Metsberg

    Tuomas Metsberg

    Finnish guitar player and a band leader in a band Luxury Liner. Continue reading

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  25. Eetu Henrik Iivari

    Eetu Henrik Iivari

    Finnish guitar player, singer and a composer in a band The Holy. Continue reading

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  26. Pyry Peltonen

    Pyry Peltonen

    Finnish guitar player and a composer in a band The Holy. Continue reading

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  27. Artist News!

    Artist News!

    Artist news! Continue reading

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  28. Latest News!

    Latest News!

    New dealer news! Continue reading

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  29. Jarmo Nikku

    Jarmo Nikku

    Finnish guitarist and a song writer Continue reading

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  30. Anssi Kela

    Anssi Kela

    Finnish guitarist, singer and a song writer Continue reading

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  31. Tuomas Wäinölä

    Tuomas Wäinölä

    Finnish guitarist Continue reading

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  32. Petteri Sariola

    Petteri Sariola

    Finnish guitarist, singer and a song writer Continue reading

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  33. Fast Eddie Clarke (RIP)

    Fast Eddie Clarke (RIP)

    Eddie is a legendary guitar player.. Continue reading 

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  34. New Store

    New Store

    Our new website is ready! Continue reading

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  35. Sam Hunter

    Sam Hunter

    Sam Hunter is a rising star in studio music.. Continue  reading

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  36. Jussi Reijonen

    Jussi Reijonen

    Fretted/fretless guitarist and oudist from northern Finland.. Continue reading

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  37. George Jones

    George Jones

    George Jones is a guitarist in the Son of MAN band.. Continue reading

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  38. Jan Trygg

    Jan Trygg

    Guitar player in the doom sludge band Morbid Evils.. Continue reading

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  39. Tatiana Pará

    Tatiana Pará

    Brazilian guitarist, she’s known by six-string lovers in Brazil and over the world.. Continue reading

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  40. Alan Nimmo

    Alan Nimmo

    Alan is the frontman and lead guitarist for King King.. Continue reading

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  41. Jack J Hutchinson

    Jack J Hutchinson

    Jack J Hutchinson is a London based guitarist and singer-songwriter.. Continue reading

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  42. Erja Lyytinen

    Erja Lyytinen

    Erja Lyytinen is a blues guitarist and singer-songwriter from Finland.. Continue reading

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  43. Jonas Gerigk/Denmantau

    Jonas Gerigk/Denmantau

    Jonas Gerigk is guitarist and a member of Denmantau.. Continue reading

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  44. Max Moran

    Max Moran

    Max Moran is a well-known musician and jazz bassist. Continue reading

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  45. Alex McKown

    Alex McKown

    Alex McKown is a blues/rock guitarist from United Kingdom.. Continue reading

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  46. Dean Parks

    Dean Parks

    Dean Parks is a one of the top session players in L.A.. Continue reading

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  47. The Milestones

    The Milestones

    The Milestones is a high energy rock band with a rootsy twist from Finland.. Continue reading

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  48. Charlie Wooton

    Charlie Wooton

    Charlie Wooton - bassist, producer and songwriter originally from Louisiana.. Continue reading

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  49. Stratovarius


    Stratovarius is a Finnish power metal band that formed in 1984.. Continue reading

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  50. Ed Ringwald

    Ed Ringwald

    Ed Ringwald is a master of the pedal steel guitar, also known as Pee Wee Charles.. Continue reading

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  51. MONO


    The Tokyo, Japan-based 4-piece Instrumental Rock band MONO, originally formed in 1999.. Continue reading

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  52. Wojtek Burek

    Wojtek Burek

    Guitarist in the Spanish Pop-Punk band - Daylight.. Continue reading

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  53. Jaden Carlson

    Jaden Carlson

    Jaden Carlson is a great guitar player, who blows minds. Continue reading

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  54. Raul Artana

    Raul Artana

    Raul Artana guitarist and singer of Puk 2 and David Fan2 from a very popular pop-punk band from Spain. Continue reading

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  55. Matt Sorum

    Matt Sorum

    Legendary drummer, songwriter and producer best-known as.. Continue reading

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  56. Jon Diamond

    Jon Diamond

    Jon Diamond is a guitarist, songwriter, and producer from New York City. Continue reading

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  57. Devon Allman

    Devon Allman

    Devon Allman is an extraordinary vocalist, guitarist, and songwriter. He is also the bandleader and founder of Devon Allman’s Honeytribe. Continue reading

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  58. Mike Zito

    Mike Zito

    Mike Zito - a guitarist, singer, producer, and songwriter. Also, known as a co-founding player of Royal Southern Brotherhood.  Continue reading

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  59. Michael Vance

    Michael Vance

    Michael Vance is a guitarist/ vocalist/ songwriter born and raised in Nashville TN. Continue Reading  

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  60. Jake Morelli

    Jake Morelli

    Guitarist, producer and a third-generation professional musician. Continue Reading

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