Sweet Honey Overdrive Japan

A touch sensitive low gain overdrive pedal.

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We found a box containing a few of these very rare limited edition collector´s item pedals.

"On the request of their Japanese distributor, Mad Professor releases a Special Limited Edition Japan Relief Sweet Honey Overdrive to support the people in Japan suffering from the earthquake and subsequent tsunami on March 11th 2011".

"There are 120 pedals that are sold in Japan and 80 pedals for the rest of the world, each pedal is numbered".

"Mad Professor will donate 3500 Euro (USD 4950) for the Japan Red Cross from the sales of these pedals".


Mad Professor Sweet Honey Overdrive (SHOD) is a touch sensitive low gain overdrive pedal handmade in Finland. It is designed to overdrive distorted amplifiers and give dynamically controlled light overdrive on clean sounds.

Distortion level can be controlled by pick attack and pickup strength. Harder picking for overdrive and softer for a cleaner tone. With the unique Focus control, you can adjust the feel and dynamics of the pedal as well as overall EQ. Turning Focus CCW you need to play harder to get distortion and the tone is softer, great for jazz and blue. Focus turned CW gives a slight treble boost and earlier distortion.

This type of overdrive has previously only been found in the BJF Honey Bee but is now presented in Mad Professor version. The Mad Professor SHOD has a tighter sound and is more versatile as it was designed to work with all kinds of guitars and amplifiers.

CONTROLS VOLUME: Sets the output volume. DRIVE: Controls the amount of overdrive. FOCUS: Controls how easily the circuit distorts as well as adjusting overall EQ. Turning CCW gives less distortion and a mellow effect, turning CW gives a slight treble boost and earlier distortion. Good starting point is 11 o’clock. ELECTRICAL SPECIFICATION Supply voltage range: 7,5 to 18VDC Current consumption: 5 mA at 9VDC Input impedance: 260K Output impedance: 25K Ohm’s Complete bypass (true bypass) True bypass or buffered (switchable inside the pedal) POWER REQUIREMENTS 6F22 9V battery or DC eliminator 2.1 mm plug center negative and positive sleeve. NOTES RRB is protected against wrong DC eliminator polarity. The fuzzy sound is a sign of low voltage. Maintain recommended voltage for best results.
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