Little Green Wonder

It’s a low compression, high headroom overdrive with high output.


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"The Little Green Wonder produces a warm, valve amp-gain monster that covers a multitude of sins; it's more about allowing the tone of your guitar, and the dynamics of your playing, to shine through.

It seems to us that how you use the body control depends on what guitar you're playing. With a Tele and the control fully anti-clockwise to fatten up the tone with some added bass, we get a great tough Tele rhythm vibe a la Keef and The Boss.

Switching to our humbucker-loaded Strat, the extra sizzle activated when cranking the body control all the way up is much appreciated. It's a great way of tuning this pedal to suit your personal guitar and playing style. Few overdrive pedals are this versatile or addictive.

Mad Professor will still make you a hand-wired version of all these pedals if you wish. The thing is, based on the quality of the sounds on offer from these lower-cost factory models, we don't think you need to splash out all that extra lolly. We'd be surprised if many people could really hear the difference between the hand-wired and circuit board jobs anyway. Utilising a PCB construction hasn't diluted any of the wow factor that you equate with Mad Professor pedals."

-Musicradar, March 2011

Premium quality classic blues/rock pedal that works very well with complex overdriven amp sound. It’s a low compression, high headroom overdrive with high output, and it has a Body knob for adjusting low-mid content and treble.



The LGW was made to be a stackable overdrive that could go anywhere in the pedal chain and the compression normally associated with this type of circuit is reduced same as several distortion mechanisms. This pedal will work very well with amps and other pedals that have a lot of complexity or compression, a situation that not all pedals work well. LGW makes a great building block to sound yet it works standalone and especially with humbuckers where normally this type of circuit would not work satisfactory, much due to bass loss and sometimes separated sounds (where transients feedthrough and a cloud of distortion follows beneath.


Body control gives access to medium mid hump at the center position and allows treble boost at CW rotation and low-mid/treble boost a CCW position and so unit also can provide distortion albeit a smooth type. LGW can be used as an overdrive to already distorting amplifiers or pedals downstream, as well as function as a filter when feeding with fuzz pedals that may be rough on some amplifiers and can also be used as a light overdrive for just breaking up sounds.


As the designer put it:


Whereas Little Green Wonder is a TS-style pedal, but one for those who don’t generally like TS-style pedals. Big difference between these two pedals would be headroom, distortion style and distortion depth and treble response, output level, the function of the tone knob, color, symbol…. they do share a common layout of mechanical components.

CONTROLS DRIVE: to adjust distortion, sustain and harmonic content. A good starting point for this control is a bit below center (eleven o’clock). BODY: sets the frequency range of distortion. Turn CCW for more bass and low-mids with slight treble boost. Turn CW to get just a slight treble increase. VOLUME: sets the balance between processed signal and non-processed. ELECTRICAL SPECIFICATIONS Z in at 1kHz: app. 500K Pout 1kHz in 50k: app. 0uW70 RMS Max load: app. 10K Max output: 3V peak Max current consumption: 4mA at 9V Upper freq. -3dB: app. 10KHz Max gain at 1KHz: app. 58 dB Max input signal: 3V peak Supply Voltage Range: 7V5-18V Complete bypass (true bypass) EAN: 643003309 110 4
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