1. Kosmos

    Mad Professor Kosmos pedal will open a universe of ambient tones!

  2. Amber-Overdrive-Factory-Pedal-Front-Mad-Professor-Amplification
    Amber Overdrive

    Fat and juicy overdrive sounds with a hint of fuzz. Produces the sought after thick tone even when played into a clean amplifier.

  3. Evolution-Orange-Underdrive-Factory-Pedal-Front-Mad-Professor-Amplification
    Evolution Orange Underdrive

    A new way to approach your tone. Get cleaner tones from your favorite overdriven tone.

  4. Royal-Blue-Overdrive-Factory-Pedal-Front-Mad-Professor-Amplification
    Royal Blue Overdrive

    The Royal Blue Overdrive is an extremely touch sensitive overdrive.


  5. Electric-Blue-Chorus-Factory-Pedal-Front-Mad-Professor-Amplification
    Electric Blue Chorus

    A chorus pedal, that would please ALSO people, who do not generally like chorus pedals.


  6. Deep-Blue-Delay-Factory-Pedal-Front-Mad-Professor-Amplification
    Deep Blue Delay

    A natural sounding digital/analog delay, with the analog direct signal path.


  7. Twimble-Factory-Pedal-Front-Mad-Professor-Amplification

    Mad Professor Twimble pedal keeps your valuable original sonic footprint intact. Dumble tone in a pedal format.