1. Supreme

    SUPREME tone and functionality. 

  2. Double Moon
    Double Moon

    Wide variety of modulation sounds.


  3. Snow White AutoWah (GB)
    Snow White AutoWah (GB)

    SWAW (GB) is suitable for both guitar and bass and is tuned like a real wah.

  4. Evolution-Orange-Underdrive-Factory-Pedal-Front-Mad-Professor-Amplification
    Evolution Orange Underdrive

    A new way to approach your tone. Get cleaner tones from your favorite overdriven tone.

  5. Royal-Blue-Overdrive-Factory-Pedal-Front-Mad-Professor-Amplification
    Royal Blue Overdrive

    The Royal Blue Overdrive is an extremely touch sensitive overdrive.


  6. Mellow-Yellow-Tremolo-Factory-Pedal-Front-Mad-Professor-Amplification
    Mellow Yellow Tremolo

    Tremolo tones from the of 50′s type soft swing to deep modulation with great playability.


  7. Electric-Blue-Chorus-Factory-Pedal-Front-Mad-Professor-Amplification
    Electric Blue Chorus

    A chorus pedal, that would please ALSO people, who do not generally like chorus pedals.


  8. Stone-Grey-Distortion-Factory-Pedal-Front-Mad-Professor-Amplification
    Stone Grey Distortion

    A modern high-gain distortion pedal with clarity and definition.


  9. Ruby-Red-Booster-Factory-Pedal-Front-Mad-Professor-Amplification
    Ruby Red Booster

    A combination of two boosters and a switchable buffer.


  10. Big-Tweedy-Drive-Factory-Pedal-Front-Mad-Professor-Amplification
    Big Tweedy Drive

    Big Tweedy Drive will deliver the iconic snarly bite and the rich saturation of the late 50´s American amplifier.