Amber Overdrive Hand Wired with Midas Touch mod, Custom, Limited (Discontinued)

Amber Overdrive with Midas Touch mod - Hand Wired version, limited (Discontinued)

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Amber Overdrive with Midas Touch mod - Now available as a Hand Wired version! Limited stock (DISCONTINUED)

"Just bought your Amber Overdrive and I am mightily impressed. This is by far the BEST od I have ever tried. Paired with Vox AC30 running clean, I can get great tube amp like overdrive sounds even using a low volume. Amber Overdrive is a masterpiece of electrical, analog design. Congratulations and many thanks for this fantastic pedal".

-User comment 2020

Custom pedals series - During the Covid-19 our factory hasn't been running at full power. So we, here at the Mad Professor headquarters, have had some extra time to bring out some mods that were requested over the years to our pedals. Normally we´d have no time to do anything like this!

Golden Cello has been one of the great success stories at Mad Professor. Of course it has, how could you not love a single pedal that has the tone of a vintage fuzz stacked with overdrive going into tape echo and a 100W vintage Marshall. Now, not everybody wanted the delay section of the Golden Cello because they placed the pedal early in the signal chain and then the delay was placed in the not so optimal spot. Enter the Amber Overdrive, which has the same golden guitar tone and exactly the same overdrive circuit as in Golden Cello. Only the output of the Amber Overdrive was increased compared to the Golden Cello. This was a popular request and we listened to our dear customers!

Now this captivating saga will have yet another chapter!

Over the years we have had some requests on maybe looking at somehow shaking up this loved circuit a bit, that it somehow could stand out in a mix a bit more. Not everybody is a rock star playing 5-note patterns with their own trio and not having to deal with the volume level of their guitar.

Now we looked at it! Amber Overdrive with Midas Touch mod brings more harmonic definition and carefully added silky presence to this highly sought after distorted tone bordering on fuzz. It is like the circuit got a new heart of gold and the golden tone got even more golden! Like you found another vintage fuzz or overdrive that was even better piece of the puzzle and sums up even more satisfying harmonic content! Amber Overdrive with Midas Touch mod has the fat and saturated but cutting liquid lead tone you’ve always dreamed off!

Complex pedal stack into big amp driven to saturation in one single pedal, inexpensive luxurious! These limited edition hand modded in Finland custom series pedals are available until further notice. Grab your limited edition pedal while they are here!

CONTROLS: VOLUME: This knob sets the overall output level of the pedal. DRIVE: Settings from low to the center will allow you to control the saturation with the volume control on the guitar. To use amber as light overdrive set this control at the beginning of the rotation. TONE: This is a boost/cut “shelving” type equalizer that controls the amount of high end, operating somewhere between a bright switch and the treble control on most amplifiers. TONE: Turning this counterclockwise reduces the amount of high end. If you must run a buffered pedal ahead of Amber Overdrive try lowering the treble. ELECTRICAL SPECIFICATIONS: Current draw: 2.5mA at 9V DC Input impedance: 45K Output impedance: 25K Voltage range: 7.5-12Vs POWER REQUIREMENTS: 6F22 9V battery or DC eliminator 2.1 mm plug center negative and positive sleeve. EAN: 643003309 028 2

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