The Green Wonder

Low compression, high headroom overdrive with high output.


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THE GREEN WONDER is a versatile high headroom overdrive/booster pedal, that has high output and sounds great with both single coil and humbucking pickups. THE GREEN WONDER works extremely well with different kinds of amplifiers and can be used with both clean and overdrive channels, even with heavy distortion. THE GREEN WONDER is ideal also for players seeking a pedal to stack with other pedals!

THE GREEN WONDER is an updated version of the legendary LITTLE GREEN WONDER. Everything you loved with the classic LITTLE GREEN WONDER is included in the new and carefully fine tuned THE GREEN WONDER. But also everything you might have missed is now there, as we have listened to the wishes over the years.

THE GREEN WONDER has added Bass and Treble controls, that allow you to really dial in your low and high frequencies depending on other gear you are using. And whether it is warm vintage tone or brighter modern tone, THE GREEN WONDER will deliver. We have added a ton of versatility to the classic and made it into a truly powerful tool!

CONTROLS: VOLUME: Sets the overall output level of the pedal. Even when used as a clean boost, The Green Wonder provides enough level to push the front end of the tube amp into natural clipping. DRIVE: Sets the level of overdrive. Set counterclockwise for low overdrive or a boost and set clockwise for more overdriven tones. This will take you from clean boost to bluesy crunch, and also to rock overdrive. Tight and heavy distortion can be obtained when The Green Wonder is used with other overdrives. BASS: Sets the low end of the pedal. Adjustment range is from a slight low-frequency cut into a significant low-frequency boost. Good starting point is at 1 o´clock. TREBLE: Sets the brightness. This takes you from warm and smooth into bright and cutting tones. Good starting point is at noon. TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS: Input impedance: 500kOhm Output impedance: 10kOhm Complete bypass (true bypass) Max current consumption: 4mA at 9VDC Supply Voltage Range: 7V5-18VDC EAN: 643003309 146 3 INPUT PERFORMANCE The unit has high input impedance presenting only a light load to the pickups, and the volume control on the guitar can be used to control the gain. OUTPUT PERFORMANCE The output is designed to work with medium impedance of a guitar amplifier and most effect units. NOTES Never operate the unit with its bottom removed or damage will most likely occur.

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