Sweet Honey Overdrive Deluxe (DISCONTINUED)

A touch sensitive medium gain overdrive pedal with added controls!

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"Like its predecessor, The Sweet Honey Deluxe responds to your picking dynamics very much like a real tube amp would. Many overdrives try to replicate this experience, but few succeed as well as the Sweet Honey. Even toward the upper limits of its gain range, softer picking will yield clean-ish notes, while heavy downstrokes will become fully distorted.

This delicate balance of clean and dirty is further enhanced by the Sweet Honey’s unique Focus control that I mentioned previously. In short, this knob tweaks how easily the circuit distorts. When fully counterclockwise, the grind is mellower and considerably less aggressive. Turing the Focus knob clockwise will create earlier distortion, as well as add a pleasant sizzle and a slight treble boost.

Thanks to this clever implementation, both the original SHOD and the Deluxe are excellent tools to push an already driven amp to the breaking point. They’re great to use as a standalone drive, too, and clean up well with your volume knob. But where the two part ways is in the EQ section. The Deluxe adds a post-distortion treble cut-boost and a pre-distortion control that shifts how the bass and low mids are distorted. These controls combine to add an ideal level of tonal customization, helping you match the pedal to whatever amp and guitar combination you have.

On the whole, the Sweet Honey Deluxe delivers a very solid low-to-medium-gain experience. The Deluxe version is a significant upgrade from the standard version and well worth the extra cash. And if you’re someone who’s obsessed with dynamics and want an overdrive to match your style, listen closely—this is it."

-Tone Report, September 2016


Mad Professor Sweet Honey Overdrive Deluxe is a super touch sensitive, medium gain amplifier like overdrive pedal with added controls for more versatile guitar tone

Sweet Honey Overdrive Deluxe (SHOD DLX) is designed to overdrive distorted amplifiers and give dynamically controlled low to medium gain tones with clean amplifiers.Our unique focus control allows you to adjust the feel and dynamics of the pedal as well as the overall EQ.

Distortion levels are controlled by pick attack. Pick harder for more overdrive and play softer for a cleaner tone. The Sweet Honey Overdrive Deluxe provides more versatility than the classic sweet Honey overdrive due to the added functionality of the new controls. Both the SHOD and SHOD DLX are designed to work with all kinds of guitars, amplifiers, and pedals.


CONTROLS VOLUME: Sets the output volume. DRIVE: Controls the amount of overdrive. TREBLE: Post distortion, it cuts and/or boosts the treble. BASS: Pre-distortion, it sets how the bass and low mids are distorted. FOCUS: Controls how easily the circuit distorts as well as adjusting overall eQ. Turning CCW gives less distortion and a mellower effect, turning CW gives a slight treble boost and earlier distortion. A good starting point is 11 o’clock. ELECTRICAL SPECIFICATIONS Supply voltage range: 7.5 to 18VDC Current consumption: 6 mA at 9VDC Input impedance: 390K Ohms Output impedance: 25K Ohms Complete bypass (true bypass) POWER REQUIREMENTS 6F22 9V battery or DC eliminator 2.1 mm plug center negative and positive sleeve. EAN: 643003309 133 3
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