Snow White AutoWah (GB)

Snow White Autowah (GB) is suitable for both guitar and bass and is tuned like a real wah.

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SNOW WHITE AUTOWAH - Best sounding auto wah pedal on the market


"The Mad Professor Snow White is hands down the best sounding auto-wah pedal on the market today.

The reason that guitarists love the sound of the Mad Professor auto-wah is that it comes the closest to replicating the sound of a manual wah pedal. While the controls are nothing special – you’ll find sensitivity, decay, resonance, and range (bias) controls – the responsiveness is impressive, and it’s much easier to create unique wah effects without over-saturating your tones.

Another advantage of this auto-wah is that it works for bass as well as guitar. For bass players in search of an auto-wah, this is easily one of the best units available, and all it takes to activate for bass is the flip of a switch.

Of course, the pedal is built with analog circuitry so that you have a true bypass without electronic interference when the wah effect is deactivated. The circuitry and pedal as a whole are protected by Mad Professor’s two-year warranty."

-Prime Sound, 2019

The New Snow White AutoWah (GB) is a combination of the previous Snow White AutoWah and the Snow White Bass AutoWah pedals. Now both of those fabulous auto wah sounds are in the same pedal making the unit even more versatile.


Snow White AutoWah (GB) has a very fast tracking and accuracy rarely found on autowah/envelope filters. With the four knobs you can have a total control of the effect.


SWAW works both with both guitar and bass and you can fine-tune the pedal to suit your instrument, your playing style and your taste of tone. The pedal has a unique decay control for the filter frequency fall speed. You can set it to be fast for wah effects on every note, or slower for a more traditional auto wah sound.


Mad Professor Snow White AutoWah ELECTRICAL SPECIFICATION: • Current consumption approx. 15 mA • Input impedance 500K Ohms • Output impedance 1K Ohms • Supply voltage 9VDC • Max input -20 dBV • Complete bypass and input of circuit grounded when in bypass EAN: 643003309 117 3
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