Big Tweedy Drive with Super Tweed mod, Custom, Limited Edition

Big Tweedy Drive with Super Tweed Mod - Bigger bottom end and more gain!

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Big Tweedy Drive with Super Tweed mod - Bigger bottom end and more gain!

"In the room, just noodling away, it’s the kind of sound that brings a smile to my face. It makes me wish I could play lead guitar. There’s a lovely, singing sustain, and did I mention that it just sounds big?", May, 2020.

Custom pedals series - During the Covid-19 our factory hasn't been running at full power. So we, here at the Mad Professor headquarters, have had some extra time to bring out some mods that were requested over the years to our pedals. Normally we´d have no time to do anything like this!

Not many of us have actually played High Powered Tweed Twin from late 50´s. While being almost like religious experience, the drive isn’t over the top in those ultra rare and highly responsive tone machines. Big Tweedy Drive will get you that tone where bottom end never gets mushy and with the drive maxed you get your crunchy tones, yet not over the top. Some people have asked us to bring in some of the lower powered tweed qualities poured in: more gain and little bit more compression, also bigger bottom end but still not falling apart at all. Now we have done it! Big Tweedy Drive with Super Tweed Mod. Easier to play version with more gain and more bass, but without losing the low gain qualities! Almost like your high powered tweed twin got a master volume to be able to reach out those highly saturated sweet harmonics with more ease.

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