Fuzz32 Blue

FUZZ32 is a germanium fuzz built in a way you always hoped it'd be!

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FUZZ32 - Limited Edition germanium fuzz like you always wanted it to be!

Germanium fuzzes tonewise are the kind of pedals that every guitar player should have one in their arsenal. However the vintage ones have their shortcomings plus the prices are out of reach for most of us.

Mad Professor FUZZ32 has the tone of the best vintage pieces without the shortcomings. We added output, so you can reach the unity gain and boost too even with the mildest amounts of fuzz. We added a tone control which is very handy to brighten up mild fuzz or tame down the wild amount of fuzz, or of course reaching those pissed off kinda tones too when turning the tone all the way up. Also you can place a buffer in front of the FUZZ32 and this makes it possible to insert FUZZ32 in any spot of your signal chain. Also our fuzz circuit is so stable that it is not as delicate to temperature as the old vintage fuzz faces even having a germanium transistor inside the box! Last but not least, you can power your FUZZ32 with your regular negative tip 9V power supply. And there is a boost!!

FUZZ32 is hand wired in Finland and there will be only 96 pc available. 32 of each color: Blue, Red and Turquoise. Name FUZZ32 comes from atomic number 32 in periodic table.