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Factory made pedals for faster production and lower price, still the same very high quality.

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  1. Kosmos

    Mad Professor Kosmos pedal will open a universe of ambient tones!


    Little Tweedy Drive

  3. Snow White AutoWah (GB)
    Snow White AutoWah (GB)

    SWAW (GB) is suitable for both guitar and bass and is tuned like a real wah.

  4. Deep Blue Delay
    Deep Blue Delay

    A natural sounding digital/analog delay, with the analog direct signal path.


  5. Dual Blue Delay
    Dual Blue Delay

    The rich, fat and warm sound together with the well thought out functions makes the pedal one of the most clever, yet intuitive delay pedals out there.

  6. Silver Spring Reverb
    Silver Spring Reverb

    A compact, easy to use digital/analog reverb with a pure analog direct signal path.


  7. Forest Green Compressor
    Forest Green Compressor

    Designed to meet the highest standards of guitar and bass compression.


  8. Big Tweedy Drive
    Big Tweedy Drive

    Big Tweedy Drive will deliver the iconic snarly bite and the rich saturation of the late 50´s American amplifier.

  9. Sweet Honey Overdrive Deluxe
    Sweet Honey Overdrive Deluxe

    A touch sensitive medium gain overdrive pedal with added controls!

  10. Sweet Honey Overdrive
    Sweet Honey Overdrive

    A touch sensitive low gain overdrive pedal handmade in Finland.


  11. Royal Blue Overdrive
    Royal Blue Overdrive

    The Royal Blue Overdrive is an extremely touch sensitive overdrive.


  12. Twimble

    Mad Professor Twimble pedal keeps your valuable original sonic footprint intact. Dumble tone in a pedal format.

  13. Simble Overdrive
    Simble Overdrive

    A natural sounding pedal works as a clean boost, ”on the edge” crunch, or a sweet singing overdrive.


  14. Little Green Wonder
    Little Green Wonder

    It’s a low compression, high headroom overdrive with high output.


  15. Blueberry Bass Overdrive
    Blueberry Bass Overdrive

    A high-quality dynamic overdrive pedal for electric bass.

  16. Mighty Red Distortion
    Mighty Red Distortion

    A high-gain distortion pedal, which was modeled after the 80′s style compressed gain sounds.


  17. Golden Cello
    Golden Cello

    This unique pedal features one of the most sought after guitar tones on the planet.


  18. "1"

    This pedal produces intense drive while retaining high definition.

  19. Stone Grey Distortion
    Stone Grey Distortion

    A modern high-gain distortion pedal with clarity and definition.


  20. Amber Overdrive
    Amber Overdrive

    Fat and juicy overdrive sounds with a hint of fuzz. Produces the sought after thick tone even when played into a clean amplifier.

  21. Fire Red Fuzz
    Fire Red Fuzz

    A fuzz pedal with long sustain and a lot of tone variations.


  22. Bluebird Overdrive Delay
    Bluebird Overdrive Delay

    Out of production, just a few left in stock!

    The Bluebird Overdrive Delay combines of two of the most popular effects in one pedal.


  23. Ruby Red Booster
    Ruby Red Booster

    A combination of two boosters and a switchable buffer.


  24. Simble Predriver
    Simble Predriver

    Preamp/Booster/Compressor and upper harmonic enhancer.

  25. Evolution Orange Underdrive
    Evolution Orange Underdrive

    A new way to approach your tone. Get cleaner tones from your favorite overdriven tone.

  26. Tiny Orange Phaser
    Tiny Orange Phaser

    The Tiny Orange Phaser is specially tuned for electric guitar.

  27. Snow White AutoWah (Discontinued)
    Snow White AutoWah (Discontinued)

    Based on a 1991 BJF rack mount remote wah circuit and is tuned like a real wah.


  28. Mellow Yellow Tremolo
    Mellow Yellow Tremolo

    Tremolo tones from the of 50′s type soft swing to deep modulation with great playability.


  29. Electric Blue Chorus
    Electric Blue Chorus

    A chorus pedal, that would please ALSO people, who do not generally like chorus pedals.


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