Artist News!

Artist News!


Rig tour: MONO’s Takaakira ‘Taka’ Goto. The Japanese post-rock wizard reveals his trusted guitars, amps and pedals.

Rig tour Takaakira Goto


One of the oldest Finnish festivals (since 1978), Puistoblues, announced the artists for the summer 2019. Welcome to Finland amazing Mad Professor artists and friends: Larkin Poe, Joey Landreth and Laurence Jones!


RHR is the new powerhouse band featuring the triple guitar-frontman line-up of Troy Redfern, Jack J Hutchinson and Mike Ross. Mixing the best of southern rock, Americana and blues, the group are also heavily rooted in the jam band scene.

The band will release their debut album ‘Mahogany Drift‘ on 1 November.

New album with RHR -"Mahogany Drift"


The Music of Cream 50th Anniversary Tour on going now! Kofi BAKER (son of Ginger) and Malcolm BRUCE (son of Jack) unite with Will Johns (Eric's Nephew and son of Zeppelin/ Stones/ Hendrix engineer Andy) to unleash the lightning that electrified a generation in an extensive World Tour.

Find out more info and the tour dates from the links below:

Music of Cream Facebook


The Holy just released a new album: Daughter. More info on this rather new but already praised band and also about the upcoming gigs below. Do not miss to check out The Holy!

The Holy Facebook site


Anssi Kela releasing a new album today: Ääriviivoja. Check out his website for more info about Anssi and also about the upcoming tour!


Agents releasing new music! Esa Pulliainen found old demo tapes from Rauli Badding Somerjoki and these songs are now being recorded with Ville Valo (formerly a singer and a band leader in HIM). Check out Esa´s interview (in Finnish).

Yle Areena Esa Pulliainen

More info about Agents here:


Our artist and amazing talent, Petteri Sariola, announced a tour: Trilogy. Check out the link to catch Petteri playing live!


Matt Schofield is doing a Truefire lesson. Be sure to check that out!