OS 21RT head + PORTER 112 Set

One channel, 21 watts of touch sensitive old school tones. And a super light-weight extremely versatile cabinet

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OLD SCHOOL 21 RT Head and PORTER 112 Cabinet set


As the name applies this amplifier is designed for classic guitar tones from the 50´s to modern times.

You are able to get legendary tones from both sides the Atlantic that suits country, blues, pop, rock, reggae, soul, hard rock, alternative and every other style-name the clever marketing people at record companies come out with.


No need for channel switching as these classic tones from clean to distorted are easy to get by adjusting your guitar’s volume and tone knobs.

Coming from a pedal manufacturing company this amp takes pedals VERY well.


The amp has built in Reverb and Tremolo for the final old school touch.


Speaker cabinet must be the most overlooked part of the electric guitar setup.It is also one of the most important as that is what produces the sound you hear.


Mad Professor Amplification presents the Porter 112, a small ported cabinet with a huge voice. This new innovative super light cabinet pushes 100W of power and weighs only 25 pounds.


Made with thinner plywood than normally is used in the guitar cabinets, but with similar stiffening construction that is used in the aviation industry. This sturdy little cabinet is carefully calculated and imported for the Jensen Tornado 100W Neodymium-speaker.


Treble and Presence frequencies are in perfect balance with the bass frequencies like they are in a big cabinets from the 60´s that everybody loves. The natural compression of the speaker is being enabled so the design generates musical compression similar to the open back designs. Best of both worlds!


And there is more: The bracing walls spread the mid frequencies more than a traditional cabinet would, while holding the low frequencies tight without boominess. Sound engineer will be happy as the miking is so easy.


OLD SCHOOL 21 RT SPECIFICATIONS Preamp tubes: 4 x ECC83/12AX7 Poweramp tubes: 2 x 6V6 Output power: 21 Watts Universal power supply easily switchable between 100-120VAC/220-240VAC Power consumption: Max 100 VA Dimensions (W*D*H): 482 x 260 x 260 mm / 19 3/32” x 10,25” x 10,25” Weight: Head 13,9kg Tube Assignment V1 (nearest to input) Input stage and Gain V2 Cathode follower that drives tone stack V3 Tone stack recovery and tremolo V4 Phase inverter PORTER 112 SPECIFICATIONS Dimensions (W*D*H): 482 x 307 x 410 mm / 18 57/64” x 12 3/32” x 16 9/64″ Weight: 11 kg / 25 lb