Old School 11 (throw out sale)

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Discontinued model. Last ones unopened in boxes and without any signs of use!


We made this one simple: one preamp tube, one power tube, one knob and one speaker, but up to 11 watts power that is enough even for stage use. Very natural and organic tone, that lets every tonal detail of your precious instrument come through. Touch sensitivity that follows every little nuance of your playing. With good care this handwired amplifer will give you decades of trouble free operation. Classic tones from clean to distorted are easy to get and adjusted with your guitars volume and tone knobs. This is a cathode bias Class A amplifier and it do not need biasin, when changing tubes. Use only high quality 12AX7/ECC83 and 6V6 tubes.


No need for channel switching as these classic tones from clean to distorted are easy to get by adjusting your guitar’s volume and tone knobs.

Coming from a pedal manufacturing company this amp takes pedals VERY well.


Specifications • Preamp tubes: 1 x ECC83/12AX7 • Poweramp tubes: 1 x 6V6 • Output power: 11 Watts • Power consumption: Max 50 VA • Dimensions (W*D*H): 40 x 24 x 21 cm • Weight: 10,5kg