RED Cable

The revolutionary Mad Professor Red Cable

This special nano-technological cable will not replace your current cables, because you simply insert the female/male plugged Mad Professor RED cable™ after your current instrument cable and you will notice immediately a stronger signal with faster transients and much better balance.

The RED cable is based on a long-term R&D in Finland with Kuopio University and Spindeco company. The result is this new patented SpinX technology® with improved charging technology and energy transfer.

SpinX is based on a nano treatment that can bring up nano-particles on the leading material with a very special process. After the treatment process the magnetic field caused by the signal flow starts to re-organize electrons. When the electrons are re-lined so called spin-wave is achieved, which partly participates to carry the signal with the normal charge current. The effect will spread and optimize the whole signal chain – in this case from instrument to speaker output.

Thanks to this nanotechnology the effect is achieved by its magnetic field and does not need any other kind of power, just plug in the “RED”.

Useage & Warranty

Place the Mad Professor RED cable™ right after the cable coming from your instrument. It is most effective before pedal board but works also in front of the amp. For maximum effect you can have one RED cable before your pedals and another in front of your amplifier.

Do not try to open, modify, or repair your RED cable as this might cause damage and will void your RED cable warranty. The cable has a limited one year warranty from date of purchase against defects in materials and workmanship.

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