Niels van der Steenhoven

Little green wonder is briljant! Very smooth sounding overdrive with as much body as you want. The sound is very musical and open. Mighty Red Distortion is heavy! It has a nice edge to it. Not too sharp, but it cuts throught if you want to. Very hairy, Marshall type of tone when I use it on my plexi. Thick low end and sustain for days.Deep Blue Delay is cool! Very nice delay sound and I’ve tried them all. Nice compact design and plenty of delay time and repeats. I just completely rearranged my pedalboard and the Mad Professor pedals are on it!

One of the hottest new players around, Niels is touring with the Focus and filling the big shoes of Jan Akkerman with great confidence and melodic taste.

Check out the Focus clips and get the new album!


Mad Professor Gear:

Mighty Red Distortion
Deep Blue Delay
Little Green Wonder