Jacob Petersen

Jacob Petersen

I’m so amazed of how much presence and depth the Mad Professor pedals contains. For the first time, I feel the guitar as natural as if I just cranked my amp. Instead of the usual tone control, where it’s either bright and thin or warm and dull, Bjoern has managed to actually tailor and fine tune all the right frequencies that makes magic happen in a guitar, into one simple knob. It’s truly unique and a lifesaver for any guitar player, live or in the studio. I also love the fact that they’re so small and compact. It makes for such easy arrangement on any pedal board. I’m so happy I fell over these amazing pedals.

Jacob Petersen is a member of The Steve Miller Band. He currently resides in Austin, TX, where he’s also very involved with the music scene. For more information, visit his music page on facebook and check in on the Steve Miller website.




Mad Professor Gear:

Ruby Red Booster
Snow White AutoWah
Sky Blue Overdrive
Sweet Honey Overdrive
Deep Blue Delay